New Naturally Stress-Free 6-Week Series (Starts on 1/11)

Happy New Year! Happy New You...?

Yeah, yeah, yeah....We know how those new year resolutions go, don't we? So I'll be quick and to the point. If you're going to make any progress this year as far as your health is concerned (physical, emotional or spiritual) it will happen within supportive partnerships. Be it with a coach, a therapist, a class you sign-up for, a weekly meditation group, AA meetings or similar, in 2019 more than ever we need each other to make it, whatever your "it" is. Others can listen, others will challenge you firmly yet lovingly, others will keep you accountable, others will inspire you, others will give you the strength to keep going when you're ready to give up. And guess what? You can do the same for others.

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Doesn't that sound good to you? It sure does to me. If what you need support with is better self-care so you can sleep better, stress less and enjoy your life more, I may have what you need: a Naturally Stress-Free 6-week series. Class starts on Friday 1/11, it's from 1-2pm at the Athleta Studio on 18th and 5th.

You'll learn how to get out of your head, relax deeply, breathe to lower your stress level (and blood pressure!), find sleep, perspective and more. As always my approach combines the ancient wisdom and practical tools of yoga, ayurvedic medicine and meditation. You'll be supported, lovingly challenged and kept accountable to implement what you learn in class in your daily life.

Ready to feel better? Head over to the Athleta's online schedule to sign-up.

I look forward to helping you experience real and positive transformation in 2019.

With warmth,