Get Calm, Clear & Connected

Get Calm, Clear & Connected is a 1-1 integrative coaching program for women who suffer from anxiety of any type. It will support you in finding a new way of being: calm and centered in all situations. As you learn to relax deeply, reset your mind and reconnect to who you really are (not your symptoms), you’ll feel empowered in your capacity to create and sustain an anxiety-free, joyful life.

Get Calm, Clear, and Connected in NYC


The anxious person’s nervous system has often been stuck in flight or fight for a long time. It needs to be soothed and replenished. This will be accomplished through the use of specific breathing techniques, deep relaxation, sound sleep, proper diet and sometimes herbal formulas.


Thoughts and feelings go hand in hand. Are your thoughts causing you to feel anxious? Together we’ll expose the filters (i.e beliefs) you’ve been seeing yourself and your life through, that do not support your emotional well-being. I’ll show you how to literally change your mind so that it works for you not against you.

Get Calm, Clear, and Connected in NYC

Get Calm, Clear, and Connected in NYC


If you’ve suffered from anxiety, or any other health issue for a long time, it’s likely you’ve become identified with your symptoms. But is that who you are? Of course not. Being anchored in who you really are (your soul, divine essence, higher power—call it what you will) will provide perspective on your entire life, as well as more access to your intuition and innate joy. This is essential to long-term healing.

How is the program structured?


I am currently offering two coaching options:

4 sessions in 1 month

We meet on the phone, Zoom or Facetime once a week for 4 weeks in a row.

12 sessions in 3 months

We meet on the phone, Zoom or Facetime 12 times over 3 months. 

Session length is 50 to 60 minutes.

NYC clients

In-person coaching sessions sometimes possible.

Up to 4 of your 12 coaching sessions can be used for healing work: Reiki, massage therapy or 1-1 yoga instruction. Those perfectly complement the coaching sessions.

To figure out the best option for you please click below to book your complimentary session. If you can’t find a time that works email me at sylviebarth_at_gmail_dot_com

Once we get going...


Your unique ayurvedic constitution and needs will inform our work together, the directions we take, the tools I share with you. We’ll identify and address the things you do (or don't do!) that have been keeping you stuck in stress and anxiety. I’ll coach you on how to optimize your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Gradually, those new habits will give rise to a new you, calm, stable and increasingly confident in all situations. 

My coaching philosophy is heavily informed by the ancient wisdom traditions of ayurveda, yoga and meditation, as well as Core Energy Coaching™ and my personal experience of anxiety.

  • Prior to our first session you fill out an in-depth health intake and ayurvedic constitutional test. This provides me with a thorough understanding of your health history, current concerns and unique mind-body type.

  • During our first session, we review your health intake, as well as establish clear goals for your health and well-being.

  • Each session begins with a centering practice. Then you talk and I listen. Whatever’s going on with you in that moment is generally the most relevant entry point for our session. Quickly we’ll figure out how I can best support you that day, that week, keeping in mind your overarching goals.

  • At the end of each session: you’ll know what measurable and specific steps to implement to move closer to your vision.

  • In between sessions: I’ll keep you accountable. Should you encounter some resistance or have a question simply email me. I will answer within 6-24 hours. I may also send you material relevant to what we talked about, book recommendations, meditation audios, guided breathing sequences etc...

We will do outstanding work together if:


  • You struggle with any type of anxiety, from the low-grade yet constant "where is my life going?" type of anxiety to phobias or panic attacks.

  • You've tried meds or/and natural supplements and it hasn't helped much.

  • You are currently taking anti-anxiety medications and would like to explore a natural way to heal your anxiety.

  • You don’t sleep well. You wake up tired.

  • You feel overwhelmed, with too much to do, not enough time or energy to do it.

  • You want to get a handle on your mind and catastrophic, worried, fearful thinking.

  • You’re confused about how to go about this.

  • You 're tired of listening to the "experts" and would like to be able to make the best health decisions for yourself, guided from within.