Shake Your Soul is back! July 10, 17 & 24 on the Upper West Side

I know, I's been a while!


The main reason you have not heard from me for the past few months is because I'm pursuing a bachelor in psychology, and I'm enrolled in a 4-year somatic psychotherapy training. Yes, two major undertakings. And I'm still coaching, massaging, reiki-ing, yoga-ing. It's a lot, but it's keeping me on my toes. Most of all it feels right. The therapy training truly is the most organic next step in my journey as a holistic health practitioner. It had been calling me for a while, I just wasn't listening. I'll be writing more about this approach to psychotherapy in the near future.

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And now for the latest news...

My Shake Your Soul class is back! For three Wednesdays only, so far: July 10, 17, 24. And on the Upper West Side! Find all details and register online here.

I hope to see you soon in class xo


You Won't Change. Here's Why.

You Won't Change. Here's Why.

Have you been wanting to change something about you, your mindset or lifestyle, for what seems like forever? Deep inside you know that in order to take your health and happiness to the next level you need to cut back on late-night TV, your coffee, weed or wine consumption. Perhaps you're craving mind-expanding experiences in the form of trekking, learning Spanish or how to tango, all while making new friends? You tell yourself you'll get to it soon, usually “tomorrow”. Tomorrow you'll start feeding yourself the nourishment you crave. But tomorrow never comes.

Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships...Happy V-Day!

Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships...Happy V-Day!

LOVE : one of the most used and misused words out there.

But love without self-love ain’t love.

It’s called attachment, leads to codependency, love addiction and general unhappiness. Often when people fall in “love” (the falling is real, not the love) it’s because of how they feel in the presence of another: appreciated, soothed, special, beautiful, admired, seen. And we think that’s love. No, that’s using someone else to make yourself feel good. We all do it unconsciously of course, until the other, a perfectly imperfect human being, can no longer provide for all our (emotional) needs. And we get mad. Or…

New Naturally Stress-Free 6-Week Series (Starts on 1/11)

New Naturally Stress-Free 6-Week Series  (Starts on 1/11)

Happy New Year! Happy New You...? We know how those new year resolutions go, don't we? So I'll be quick and to the point. If you're going to make any progress this year as far as your health is concerned (physical, emotional or spiritual) it will happen within supportive partnerships. If what you need support with is better self-care so you can sleep better, stress less and enjoy your life more, I may have what you need: a Naturally Stress-Free 6-week series. Class starts on Friday 1/11.

NEW class @ ATHLETA studio NYC, Starts on 9/29/2018

NEW class @ ATHLETA studio NYC, Starts on 9/29/2018

I hope yesterday's Harvest Moon has you reaping the fruits of past work, internal or external. Full moons can heighten some emotions or illumine previously buried ones, a good thing if you ask me. Still, double up on self-care. Maybe my new class can help with that...

Back in June I gave a workshop on healing anxiety at the Flatiron Athleta studio. It was very well received. Athleta's mission (empowering women and girls) and mine (holistic emotional healing) perfectly align, and so we are continuing to partner-up.

In this one-hour class (starting on 9/29 @1:45pm), we will focus on regulating and replenishing our nervous system. If you’re stressed, anxious, can’t sleep or just want a healthy time-out from your busy life this class is for you.

Healing Anxiety Naturally (Part 4) - How to Stop Non-Stop Thinking 

Healing Anxiety Naturally (Part 4) - How to Stop Non-Stop Thinking 

Anxiety arises as a result of too much movement in the mind, i.e. unbridled thinking. This is really what I have observed in myself, my friends and my clients: anxiety can always be traced back to a thought (or a hundred of them!), a fearful thought, often related to the future, and most of all a thought that we believe and react to. So, how do you keep the mind from thinking those thoughts? You don’t. Trying to control one’s thoughts is the last thing you want to do, for it will instead feed the very thoughts you are trying to get rid of. Instead you go the roundabout way.