Private Yoga & Meditation Instruction 

Traditionally the practice and teaching of yoga has included postures, breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation and meditation, tailored to the individual's needs. Private instruction will meet you where you are and as such is quite powerful.

Why private instruction?

  • You have a health condition (injury, physical limitation, chronic illness...) that requires specific modifications.
  • You want to practice specifically to relieve anxiety, insomnia or other nervous system imbalance.
  • You want to tailor your practice to your Ayurvedic constitution.
  • You want to deepen your pranayama (breathing) practice.
  • You want to focus on meditation.
  • You want to focus on relaxation.
  • You'd like to deepen your practice, physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • You can not make it to a yoga studio or do not like practicing in a group setting.


  • Choose from 3, 10 and 20-session packages. Valid for use within 1, 4 and 8 months respectively.
  • Semi-privates are available, with up to 3 people.
  • Manhattan only.
  • If you are interesting only in learning meditation, breathing or relaxation techniques, those can be taught virtually (Skype, Facetime)
  • For rates and to schedule your first session please contact Sylvie at sylviebarth_at_gmail_dot_com



 Private Yoga Instruction in Manhattan

Benefits of Yoga

  • Better sleep
  • Deep relaxation (i.e. major stress-relief!)
  • Feeling at ease in one's body
  • Clarity of mind
  • Feeling at peace
  • Increased self-awareness (key to all positive transformations)
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Greater range of motion
  • Enhanced circulation of blood, lymph, and energy
  • A strong and healthy back
  • Improved balance
  • Lower blood pressure

” I am so utterly grateful for being able to study yoga with one of the BEST teachers in the New York area, Sylvie Barthelemy. Her mindfulness and attention to details, the cadence of her delivery, orchestration of breath and movements, arc in the intensity of poses culminating in unique restorative poses to savasana is perfect. She colors her teaching with knowledge of Ayurveda and subtleties not found anywhere else, all with the most soothing voice.”
— Janis Wilkins, Photographer