"Working with Sylvie has brought me a tremendous amount of peace. I’ve (thankfully) been able to maintain the skills I learned with her about being centered and present beyond our sessions. I know now when I have reached my limit. I’m aware of how my moods affect my physical state, and I have learned how to intentionally relax my muscles and let go of stress. I've used these techniques in my work as a teacher, in my marriage, and most recently in my life as a parent! I have so much more control over my own mental and emotional well-being now."

Elizabeth Pei, Teacher, Moorestown Friends School


"Since working with Sylvie, my persistent migraines have literally and miraculously been cured, my bloating has gone away and my gut is so much happier. I'm also more committed to keeping my mind healthy, not just my body! I have become easier on myself and have a renewed appreciation for resting, sleeping. Meditating, although not easy at first, has kept me grounded too. Now and then, I find myself stopping to take a few deep breaths and regroup! In my opinion, without addressing the root cause and all aspects of one's life, healing is almost impossible. Sylvie helps you see that and take charge,

Rina Grassotti, Grassotti Law PLLC Founder and Managing Member


"Having been a student of yoga for over 15 years, starting at age 60, I have had many experiences with a variety of yoga instructors in NYC, Southampton and Florida. Unquestionably Sylvie (12 years with her) is more accomplished, more studied, capable and knowledgeable than any other I have practiced with. Really have no words to describe Sylvie's skillfulness and uniqueness. I love our deeply restorative and meditative sessions, and how she intuitively integrates Thai massage stretches, Reiki, yoga nidra or reflexology according to my needs. She takes yoga instruction to a different level. So grateful to have her in my life." 

Carol Gersten


"I just wanted to Thank you for the “Getting your Beauty Sleep” event. You are such an amazing and inspiring teacher. I learned so much!! I got 7 hours of sleep last night and I only woke up once! I did the abdominal breathing and was back to sleep in no time.”

Felicia Gibson, Owner at Florals by Felicia


”I am so utterly grateful for being able to study yoga with one of the BEST teachers in the New York area, Sylvie Barthelemy. Her mindfulness and attention to details, the cadence of each of her delivery, orchestration of breath and movements, arc in the intensity of poses culminating in unique restorative poses to Savasana is perfect. She colors her teaching with knowledge of Ayurveda and subtleties not found anywhere else, all with the most soothing voice.” 

Janis Wilkins, Photographer


“Sylvie Barthelemy is a very special person with whom I have often enjoyed a rejuvenating interlude of deeply pleasurable, stress-reducing yoga therapy. Sylvie is unusually dedicated to her work of helping others to find peace and wellness. She never stops investigating and learning about new methods and techniques to helping her clients achieve physical and emotional harmony.” 

Julie J. Kidd


"If anyone can get to the root of the problem, it is Sylvie. Through working privately with her, my health has finally stabilized and stopped going through the crazy cycles of being sick and being in good health -- which I never thought could happen! She's amazing at what she does!"

Vita Ng


"Sylvie is deeply knowledgeable and very wise. She holds space for her clients' greatness, while meeting them exactly where they are. She sweetens our sessions with laughter and much generosity. There is no one like her."

Karen Shatzkin