3 Steps to Stay Sane During Crazy Times (+ Register for Shake Your Soul® on 10/19!)

“This is crazy.”

Perhaps like me you find yourself saying those words daily. Upon reading the latest shenanigans from DT, or that any civilian in the U.S could buy 33 guns in twelve months, or again that an iceberg twice the size of Luxembourg broke loose from Antarctica. Our capacity to keep it together is being challenged each and every day. I’ve been saying “this is crazy” so much for months that truth be told “crazy” is starting to sound a little un-crazy, a little too “same old, same old”. Alongside the words appalling, absurd or scary. So much in our world is figuratively and literally beyond words. But the fact that “crazy” has lost its mojo doesn’t mean that we could not really be going crazy if we don’t take precautionary measures.

How Crazy is Your Fall Going to Be?

On top of that it’s fall. Why am I pointing this out? Because the fall season, viewed through the Ayurvedic lens, is an air-dominant season. We call it vata season, vata means wind. Indeed, fall weather is often windy, the air is thin, chilly, dry. Those same qualities will show up in your mind and body if you’re not careful. On the physical level this could mean crackly joints, dry skin, bloating, constipation, exhaustion. On the subtle level, a mind that is “windy, chilly, dry, thin” is anything but stable. It’s a frazzled, fearful and anxious mind. It’s a mind that doesn’t cope very well. This can go all the way to panic attacks, paranoia or nervous breakdown. At the very least increased overwhelm, restlessness and insomnia will show up. In my experience it’s during the fall season that I’ve developed such imbalances (namely burn out, insomnia and anxiety.)

3 Musts to Keep it Together

So what is one to do? Double up on self-care. There is no other way. You owe it to yourself, we owe it to each other. The whole is only as healthy as its parts. This world needs you to be as balanced as you can be. Please, take care of yourself. Below, three things I consider crucial to remaining sane amidst global chaos, specifically during the fall season.

1.  Sleep – Sleep is by far what a frazzled mind needs the most. Sleep is the great healer. Sound sleep gives our minds a vital time-out from the day’s craziness. But getting good sleep doesn’t really happen at bedtime. It’s a rhythm thing. It’s about aligning your daily rhythms with Nature’s rhythms so you can ease into sleep comes nighttime. It’s about getting up close to sunrise, having regular mealtimes, taking time to exercise, play and contemplate consistently, and of course retiring closer to 10pm than 1am. For those few things that might help at bedtime check out my post here.

2.  Nature – When everything around you is moving fast how can you best keep your feet on the ground? By placing them there literally. A barefoot walk in nature would be ideal. But even with shoes on, nothing like close contact with Mother Nature to step back from a hot situation and gain perspective. Consider taking a walk in a nearby park or going for a hike. I’m hoping to squeeze another barefoot walk on the beach before the weather gets too cold. If anything bring more plants into your home!



3. Community – It’s a fact more and more people are feeling isolated these days, especially in big cities. The lure of quick and easy virtual connections has made us lazy to reach out and actually meet people in the flesh. May I suggest you get off your cell phone, news app, dating app or even meditation app! Yes. Go meet someone in person. Have an impromptu get together, join a meet-up group, a meditation circle, volunteer. Hang out with like minded souls, or not so like-minded for that matter! Connect IRL. As a matter of fact if you need some of that community vibe I have an offering of my own, my upcoming Shush & Shake Your Soul® class on October 19. Through the power of music and conscious movement, you'll commune both with yourself and others. Together we'll shake, swing and stomp. It will be fun and deeply nourishing in every way. Register here.

With love,