NEW class @ ATHLETA studio NYC, Starts on 9/29/2018

I hope yesterday's Harvest Moon has you reaping the fruits of past work, internal or external. Full moons can heighten some emotions or illumine previously buried ones, a good thing if you ask me. Still, double up on self-care. Maybe my new class can help with that...

Back in June I gave a workshop on healing anxiety at the Flatiron Athleta studio. It was very well received. Athleta's mission (empowering women and girls) and mine (holistic emotional healing) perfectly align, and so we are continuing to partner-up.

In this one-hour class (starting on 9/29 @1:45pm), we will focus on regulating and replenishing our nervous system. If you’re stressed, anxious, can’t sleep or just want a healthy time-out from your busy life this class is for you.

We'll spend a few moments at the beginning of each class identifying things we do, in our daily life, that may be detrimental to our well-being (awareness is key to see positive transformation.) Then I'll guide everyone through a sequence that will blend various tools and techniques specifically aimed at turning off the stress response. You'll leave feeling calm and centered in yourself, as well as knowing how to maintain that feeling in your everyday life.

This class will take place every other Saturday and cover complementary material each time. You can drop-off anytime, but I believe you'll see longer lasting benefits if you commit to keep coming. Make this appointment with yourself! (no one else will make it for you…)

Note to the beloved men in your life: they are welcome too! May they not be deterred by one of Athleta's main hashtags, #thepowerofshe. I think we're all at least a little stressed, right? So here is to the power of all of us relaxing together, regardless of gender xo

SIGN-UP HERE ONLINE, or just show up.

With warmth,