A Summer to Declutter! Part 3 (Create Even More Head Space!)

This is the last part of my series “A Summer to Declutter!”. Over the past few weeks we looked at ways to create more space in our head, lighten up, simplify and get stuff done. I am hoping by now you've implemented some of my recommendations and are enjoying greater clarity and focus as a result. Today I share with you my last few tips to keep your mind clutter-free. Obviously that list is not exhaustive. If you have a tip, technique or app perhaps, that's helped you big time to keep your head organized please share with all of us in the comment section.

4 Tips to Create More Head Space

1. Unsubscribe.

What's in your inbox? Aside from emails from friends, clients or family, are you subscribed to emails you barely read? Consistently delete? Subscriptions you've never even signed up for? Action step: Use discernment and unsubscribe from those lists that crowd your inbox and add more distraction than direction to the big picture of your life.

2. Get physical!

Nothing like a good workout, a dance party or a vigorous walk in nature to get out of your head and back into your body. Intense physical activity will naturally pull energy away from the head, lessening excessive mental activity. The effect is cooling and grounding. Action step: schedule a good sweat session weekly in your now organized to-do list.

Best way to get out of your head? Get into your body! Sweat!

3. Meditate.

Meditation may not take away the myriad of thoughts in your mind battling for your attention but it will give you something just as important: perspective...on the myriad of thoughts in your mind battling for your attention. Do you have to attend to, or even believe, each and everyone of them? The choice is yours. Action step: start with 5 minutes of daily meditation first thing in the morning. And if you think you need private instruction (in-person or via skype), I can teach you. Click here for details and to contact me.

4. Sleep.

Sleep is the ultimate mental reset. In deep sleep we forget our stories, our problems, ourselves! And boy, do we need that. Action step: get enough sound sleep. How? Start with good sleep hygiene here.

Cluttered mind? Go to sleep. It’s the ultimate mental reset.

The Far-Reaching Benefits of a Clutter-Free Mind

Why would you want to make the effort to keep your head space nice and tidy? Because your entire life is an expression of what's in your head, the thoughts you think, the subjects you concentrate on (or obsess about!), and sooner or later they are bound to turn into physical manifestations, i.e. life circumstances. From that perspective keeping your mind clutter-free is probably up there as the most important thing you can do to create a life that is to your liking, to your loving even :)

An uncluttered mind is also:

  • Focused and therefore efficient.
  • Better at problem solving.
  • Better at decision-making.
  • Better at memorizing.
  • A powerful vehicle for creative thoughts, bright ideas and intuition to come through.
  • Peaceful.

Have fun making room up there xo