New Year, New Website, New Offering!

Here we are, it's 2018. I wish you much peace, healing where you need it, personal and professional breakthroughs and most of all emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom, the capacity to fully experience all emotions in an uncensored way, is in my experience central to easeful living and feeling alive. It is something I have strived for since an early age. Somehow I always knew this was a central piece to my health and happiness.

Circulation is essential to good health; circulation of blood, breath, life force and yes, emotions.

All of which affect each other of course. Repressed, denied or even partly felt emotions have a sticky quality to them, they're anything but fluid. They clog our channels and impede the flow of our vital force. In addition, we often unconsciously expand tons of energy to keep those emotions at bay or circumvent them. All this causes us to feel drained, dull, disconnected. We feel less alive but we don't really know why. I've been there. Overtime this situation is ripe for the development of chronic aches and pain of unknown origin. This is called being at the effect of your emotions, the opposite of free.

Why am I sharing that with you today? Because my personal life has always informed my work a thousand percent. And so finding such emotional freedom has become central to my work as a professional coach helping women heal from anxiety.

I do not help my clients get rid of anxiety so much as develop the capacity to ride those anxious feelings.

Paradoxically, allowing feelings of anxiety is exactly what causes them to lessen overtime. And if you can do that with anxiety you can do that with any unpleasant emotion. Hello emotional freedom!

To get a better sense of how I work check out details on my offerings here. Even better, schedule a complimentary coaching session.

Here's to feeling all the feels and living your life like you mean it xo


Sylvie Barthelemy CPC